Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Added 4 more necklaces to my hand dyed lace collection. Made tons of new treasuries. Making lots of new friends. Not making a ton of feather sales. Made a lace necklace sale. Making myself go crazy.

This is one of my personal favorite treasuries I have created lately. I wonder if/when one of my treasuries will make it to the front page? How do I make one that will do that! Ahhh a girl can dream.

Friday, August 19, 2011

I made it on the front page of ETSY for the FIRST time!!! Oh man, has this seriously made my day. What a fantastic thing to wake up to! It's boosted my views like nothing I ever could of imagined :) Check out the gorgeous treasury called Color Me Happy

made by the fabulous 'the memory gallery'


My treasury Oh Captain, My Captain (in honor of my buddy Kevin getting his dream captain job in the Turks) was featured on Etsy Treasury Hunter.

What a good day.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

I have an addiction...

I offically want everything on

Who wants to buy me pretty, frilly things? Any takers? Anyone? Bueller?

Monday, August 15, 2011

I'm all about this...I think. It's a site that has everything all put together for me! Blog, Etsy, info...etc. Sweet.

Added lots of fun stuff to my site. I'm also looking to buy some more supplies. Who knows of a good Etsy place? I am open to suggestions! Also thinking of doing a give-away. Feathers or jewelry, would love to hear some suggestions!

Come one guys...say hello if you are out there in cyber world! :)

PS. Just made the most amazing earrings everrrrr. Dying over them DYING! Eeeek ha!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Ok, its been awhile.

I am really bad at blogging. I have decided, I am just REALLY bad at it. Haha! I constantly forget. So here I am, trying to remember. Its torrential outside, which is really depressing when you live in gorgeous, [normally] sunny Miami Beach. But in a way its nice, I have my darling boyfriend home for the first time in weeks. We were on vacation, and then he went into work (he's a chef at the Mondrian Hotel... for 11 days straight. Today, the first rainy day we've had in weeks, is his first day off. Typical.

I've been keeping myself quite busy though! I've come up with a few new lines for White Bear! My personal favorite I think is the "Artist Dyed Lace" pieces. I find these to be fun, unique and exciting! Check out these new creations HERE.

Otherwise, I've been selling TONS of feather extensions! They are so much fun for me too. I love creating new color combos and making women out there happy while expressing themselves in new cool ways. It's also driven a ton of traffic to my shop, so I've sold a bunch of jewelry. Overall, life is pretty good right now. I got a new sectional for our apartment and it's becoming really difficult to get off of it...whoops.