Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New Name...New Feeling

Yeah, I changed my name. My company, my esty store...its all new. Welcome to White Bear! I hated Ethereal Skies, personally. Just didn't have that ring to it. Hard to remember, and what I found out is that most people don't even know what ethereal means...

So here we are. White Bear. I love it. It's named after my puppy Chloe. She is white and totally looks like a teddy bear. She is the love of my life, (obviously besides my hubby John lol) and I felt it only appropriate to name it after something that actually, well, MEANS something to me.

I added a TON of new things to the Etsy store: White Bear Accessories . Etsy . Com

Check it out and have some fun...I AM! My sister modeled for me the other day and we got some FANTASTIC pictures, for her modeling AND for my jewelry/accessories. Thanks Pips. She's now on Etsy too! LovahLove ;)

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