Sunday, September 25, 2011

I haven't been around. I'm sorry. Smack smack. Not like anyone has actually ever read this thing anyhow....but I guess everyone has to start somewhere. Hey there, wanna prove to me you exist and you care? Special code for my shop, enter "BLOG10" at checkout and recieve %10 off of anything in my shop! Woot! Made a treasury last night, it went viral overnight. Like 1000 views or something. INSANITY! And honestly, this was one of the fastest, easiest treasuries I have ever made...LOL. I kinda made it because I had 10 minutes to kill and was like, uh yeah, sure. Get some exposure to my shop. Voila! Top treasury on all of Etsy for hours!!! Don't you love happy accidents?

Now this weekend I've made a TON of new jewelry. All hand dyed/painted lace. Can't decide on that, btw, hand dyed? Hand painted? I do take a paint brush and paint I dunno. Any suggestions? Also, FOOTBALL is back. Who is excited? THIS GIRL. LETS GO GIANTS!!!


  1. Hi! I think that you jewelry is so beautiful!:))
    Have a good week!