Monday, November 14, 2011

My Mind Won't Shut Up

Thats it! I'm done! I'm not playing around anymore, I'm going full blast on this blog thing. I know I've said that like a hundred times, but I really am now. I had this whole thing written out and it was just simply fabulous, and of course my computer goes and deletes it all! Story of my life eh? Work hard, create something awesome and nothing to show for it.

Well you know what I say? It's time for a change of pace. In life and in blog-ville. I've gotten so much more into my company, I've become obsessed over Pinterest, I've re-found my love for fashion, I just got my real estate license and was hired by Keller Williams here in Miami Beach and boy, has my life just done a huge 180! I feel like a new woman! I'm busy 24/7, I'm out there living the life I used to live when I was living in NYC...which was my entire life up until a few years ago. I think it's time I became the fashionista social butterfly that I used to be...'cause that girl was friggin AWESOME.

I'm sitting here in Starbucks right now...can you believe it? My boyfriend, or otherwise known as Man, is off at work, while our internet is down until tomorrow morning. So I was left at home with puppy to just twiddle my thumbs. Luckily, Cuz decided to call me and ask to meet me at Starbucks next to our apartments...I did, we did, I'm here, he left. Now I'm that awkward girl in the corner typing madly to herself on a lonesome Monday evening.

I told you I was cool. I am thoroughly in love with this Etsy store: The Bellwether Shop - If you have never seen it, please go! How fabulous is this? Everything in this shops just screams my name! Once I actually have some money I plan on coming back to it...oh yeah. The colors are perfect for fall, the style is great for any outfit, Claire's stuff is just so wearable...which I love! Especially since I feel like my jewelry isn'

Oh man I feel like I could ramble forever, but I am going to close down for the night. See you all...that is all 2 of you tomorrow! Make sure to check out my shop for lots of fun new fall/winter items!!! White Bear

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